As introduced, SB3668 removes religious exemptions for school physicals and vaccinations for K-12 and college students, restricts medical exemptions to only apply to severely limited ACIP defined contraindications, grants minor children ages 14+ to consent to vaccines without the power to decline or parental consent, forces vaccine administrators to report to the state vaccine tracking system, eliminates protective language ensuring that a child shall not be considered neglected or abused for the sole reason that parents/guardians failed to vaccinate for religious reasons and repeals the Mercury-Free Vaccination Act.

Talking Points to Oppose This Bill



  • Exemption rates are extremely low – less than 1.5% COMBINED – for ALL school required vaccines.

  • Areas with lower a lower percentage of immunization rates are due to non-compliant students, not due to exemptions.

    Source – ISBE


  • Article I, Section 3 of the Illinois State Constitution states that “The free exercise and enjoyment of religious profession and worship, without discrimination, shall forever be guaranteed, and no person shall be denied any civil or political right, privilege or capacity, on account of his religious opinions…”

  • This violates the sincerely held religious beliefs of Christians, Muslims, Jews, Christian Scientists, and other spiritual peoples.


  • The ACIP defined contraindications are extremely limited and do not include numerous serious contraindications or accommodate for many medical disabilities.

  • Annual renewals would place a serious financial burden upon families.

  • This interferes with and violates doctor/parent/patient relationship.

  • Undermines and infringes upon the medical expertise and educated clinical judgement of providers.

  • This restriction is discriminatory against special needs students as well as the medically vulnerable.


  • SB 3668 legally makes minor children adults for the purpose of vaccination, over the objection of parents.

  • Illinois Legislation requires sufficient maturity levels for:

    • Gambling, Drinking, Tobacco, Cannabis – 21+

    • Military, Marriage, Voting, Tanning, Tattoo, Body Piercing – 18+

    • Sexual Consent, Purchasing explicit music/movies – 17+

    • Driving, Employment – 16+

    • Home Alone, (now medical decisions?) – 14+


  • MFVA limits the amount of Mercury that can be used in vaccines.

    • Has research recently changed?

    • Has Mercury become less harmful, such that we no longer need this protection? Source – MSDS

  • Since enacted, Illinois has provided itself with an exemption to its responsibility to this act every single year.

  • What is needed is the ENFORCEMENT of this existing statute, not the REPEALING of it.

Actions to Take:

→ Contact Bill Sponsors

Politely say:

“Please WITHDRAW SB3668 – this bill is unnecessary and discriminatory. Vaccine exemptions are not the problem, schools failing to collect and submit vaccine record paperwork is the problem. In Cook County alone, more than 66% of the non-compliant students in Illinois attend school. Non-compliant does not mean not vaccinated. Please focus on the serious record keeping issue and don’t remove religious and parental rights, based on misrepresented immunization levels.”

Senator Heather Steans

Springfield Office: (217) 782-8492

District Office: (773) 769-1717


→ Contact Your Legislators 

Politely say:

“Please vote NO on SB3668 – and request that Senator Steans focus on the serious non-compliance issue in and around her district. Non-compliant does not mean not vaccinated. This bill is unnecessary and discriminatory. Ask her to help the schools in her own district collect and submit vaccine records, and leave our exemptions and parental rights alone. 66% of non-compliant students in Illinois attend school in Cook County.”

You may also tell them why maintaining exemptions is important to your family.

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As introduced, this bill would be mandating that ALL children entering sixth grade in public, private and parochial schools, receive the HPV vaccine and to have completed the HPV vaccine series before entering ninth grade.

This bill currently does not currently contain language for any religious or medical exemptions.

Talking Points to Oppose This Bill:

  • HPV is sexually transmitted, and there is no risk of an outbreak. It is not casually communicable nor is it possible to spread in a school setting. Therefore the goal of herd immunity is not even a possibility with this vaccine. Requiring for school is a moot point.

  • The CDC has a nation-wide recommendation that ALL (boys and girls) age 9 be vaccinated with the HPV vaccine. This recommendation is being conveyed to every single parent of Illinois students entering sixth grade already. Parents and doctors are capable of making educated decisions for each child, together.

  • Last year an HPV education bill was passed. IT IS WORKING. In the past year, HPV immunization among males ages 13-17 increased by 20%, from 43.2% to 51.8%.

  • Current Illinois statute permits both Religious and Medical Exemptions for ALL school-required immunizations. This bill cannot pass without the addition of exemptions.

Action alerts provided by Illinois Coalition for Informed Consent. For more information visit or

Actions to Take:

→ Contact Bill Sponsors

Representative Robyn Gabel

Springfield Office: (217) 782-8052

District Office: (847) 424-5401


→ Contact Bill Co-Sponsors

Representative Kelly Cassidy (added 2/14/20)

Springfield Office: (217) 782-8088

District Office: (773) 784-2002


Representative Elizabeth Hernandez (added 2/18/20)

Springfield Office: (217) 782-8173

District Office: (708) 222-5240


Representative Jonathan “Yoni” Pizer (added 2/28/20)

Springfield Office: (217) 782-8062

District Office: (773) 348-8974


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