As introduced, this bill would be mandating that ALL children entering sixth grade in public, private and parochial schools, receive the HPV vaccine and to have completed the HPV vaccine series before entering ninth grade.

This bill currently does not currently contain language for any religious or medical exemptions.

Talking Points to Oppose This Bill:

  • HPV is sexually transmitted, and there is no risk of an outbreak. It is not casually communicable nor is it possible to spread in a school setting. Therefore the goal of herd immunity is not even a possibility with this vaccine. Requiring for school is a moot point.

  • The CDC has a nation-wide recommendation that ALL (boys and girls) age 9 be vaccinated with the HPV vaccine. This recommendation is being conveyed to every single parent of Illinois students entering sixth grade already. Parents and doctors are capable of making educated decisions for each child, together.

  • Last year an HPV education bill was passed. IT IS WORKING. In the past year, HPV immunization among males ages 13-17 increased by 20%, from 43.2% to 51.8%.

  • Current Illinois statute permits both Religious and Medical Exemptions for ALL school-required immunizations. This bill cannot pass without the addition of exemptions.

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Actions to Take:

→ Contact Bill Sponsors

Representative Robyn Gabel

Springfield Office: (217) 782-8052

District Office: (847) 424-5401

Email: staterepgabel@robyngabel.com

→ Contact Bill Co-Sponsors

Representative Kelly Cassidy (added 2/14/20)

Springfield Office: (217) 782-8088

District Office: (773) 784-2002

Email: repcassidy@gmail.com

Representative Elizabeth Hernandez (added 2/18/20)

Springfield Office: (217) 782-8173

District Office: (708) 222-5240

Email: repehernandez@yahoo.com

Representative Jonathan “Yoni” Pizer (added 2/28/20)

Springfield Office: (217) 782-8062

District Office: (773) 348-8974

Email: staterepyoni@gmail.com

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